It’s here! TIME’s annual list of the 100 Most Influential People is here!

We always look forward to seeing who made the list, because it’s never not entertaining to sit here slack-jawed wondering what the hell the point of TIME’s exercise is. Crap like this certainly doesn’t make the case for TIME to keep putting the list out:

TIME turned to a former Mongolian president to wax poetic about Xi Jinping. Harvard journalism professor and former TIME editor in chief Nancy Gibbs got the honor of justifying Donald Trump’s inclusion on the list.

Honestly, we’re not sure why TIME didn’t just let Xi write his own glowing profile.

That’s the thing: Xi is arguably one of the most influential people in the world, but the write-up reads like ChiCom propaganda.

TIME is willfully and happily gaslighting on behalf of the Chinese government. You legitimately do hate to see it.

The media class is certainly relentless.

Funny you should ask: