In a sane world, Secretary of State Antony Blinken would have been fired a long time ago. Better yet, he never would’ve been hired in the first place.

But the world we live in is not a sane one. And that means that to this day, Antony Blinken is in a position of authority with regard to American foreign policy, which includes our policy with regard to Afghanistan.

Keep that in mind when you see what he told GOP Sen. Rand Paul today:

Come again?



Antony Blinken gave Sen. Paul all the ammo necessary to thoroughly dropkick him. Blinken’s repeated “I don’t know” responses do not inspire any confidence whatsoever in this administration’s competence when it comes to Afghanistan — or anything else, for that matter. Either Blinken really doesn’t know the answer to Paul’s question, or he knows and is lying.

Whether or not Blinken is being honest with Sen. Paul, one thing is for sure: the Biden administration has done nothing to earn our trust, but plenty to earn our mistrust.

It’s bad. And uncomfortably reminiscent of another disgraced Democratic Secretary of State’s remarks.

It makes a big difference to the Afghans. And to us.