Sheryl Gay Stolberg is the New York Times’ go-to journo when it comes to health policy and all things COVID19.

And that’s a damn shame, because a journalist who covers health policy and COVID19 should be required to not be an anti-science, pro-authoritarian hack.

Here’s Stolberg today explaining to the “Morning Joe” crew why the COVID19 vaccine mandate is not only good, fully within Joe Biden’s presidential purview:

In fact, according to Stolberg, the mandate is not only justified, but it’s ackshually necessary for the preservation of a free society:

Why anyone would listen in earnest to Stolberg is beyond our earthly comprehension.

We have to assume that she’s been vaccinated. And if that’s the case, she shouldn’t fear for her life. At least not when it comes to COVID19.

It literally makes no sense.

What can we say? A love of authoritarianism has a tendency to cloud one’s judgment.

We’re guessing that Stolberg, like many progressives, doesn’t see abortion in the same light.


Stolberg’s not any smarter when it comes to Joe Biden’s attempt to seize authority over something he has no authority to do: