So, what’s the happs at Stanford University?

Come again?

More from Reuters:

A group of Stanford University professors has asked the Justice Department to stop looking for Chinese spies at U.S. universities, joining an effort by human rights groups to end a Trump administration program they said caused racial profiling and was terrorizing some scientists.

The “China Initiative” launched in late 2018 aimed to prevent U.S. technology theft by China but has since “deviated significantly from its claimed mission,” according to the Sept. 8 letter, which was signed by 177 Stanford faculty members and made public by them on Monday.

“(I)t is harming the United States’ research and technology competitiveness and it is fueling biases that, in turn, raise concerns about racial profiling,” the letter said.

Well, that’s one way to look at it. Another way to look at is that the Chinese government has actual top men dedicated to undermining U.S. national security, and academia is a great place to plant spies.

Right? In fact:


Guess so!

Stop looking at them!