In case you missed “The View” yesterday — and let’s face it, you did — you also missed out on a quality discussion about Gov. Ron DeSantis’ direct role in the deaths of thousands of Floridians from COVID19.

According to the brilliant ladies, Ron DeSantis should be charged with criminally negligent homicide for every death that occurs when he’s trying to push back against masking mandates.

This is good stuff, people:

cRimInAlLy LiAblE.

Just amazing. In all the worst ways.

Off their damn rockers.

Incompetent network executives? In any case, Joy Behar and Sara Haines’ arguments are asinine. Just utterly asinine.

As if.

Don’t they care about other people’s safety? This is about protecting other people, after all.

If the government cracked down in misinformation and disinformation and did so fairly, Whoopi and Joy would definitely get caught up in that giant net. And we’d have to work like hell to muster up any sympathy for them.

It was always about control. Nothing else. And the ladies of “The View” love the idea of controlling and punishing political opponents. Because they’re awful, awful people at heart.