Who remembers this classic from Kamala Harris during the Summer of Mostly Peaceful Protests?

Good times.

And they get better still:

You don’t say!

More from Fox News:

George Howard, 48, allegedly became involved in a road rage altercation on an Interstate 94 entrance ramp before he shot another driver, according to Minneapolis police – weeks after bailing out on domestic assault charges.

Surveillance video recorded the moments when the driver of a blue BMW confronted Howard, who was driving a white Volvo, according to St. Paul’s KSTP-TV. The victim can be seen punching Howard, then collapsing.

Howard had been out on $11,500 bond in connection with a domestic assault case since Aug. 6, court records show. That’s when the Minnesota Freedom Fund bailed him out.

On Aug. 29, he was charged with two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the interstate shooting.


Weird that Kamala Harris hasn’t deleted her tweet, too. Not that it matters at this point, as the internet never forgets.

How embarrassing for our illustrious vice president.

Keep up the great work, Kamala!