Joe Biden hasn’t done squat in recent speeches to reassure Americans or the world that his administration knows what the hell they’re doing when it comes to Afghanistan.

But maybe COVID19 will give him that chance to finally shine:

“The most they’ve done to date.” We have to assume that doesn’t include shutting down the virus, which Biden promised several times last year to do and hasn’t delivered on yet.

He’ll get around to doing that eventually, we’re sure. He’s just had his hands full lately is all.

Anyway, now that he’s prioritizing the war on COVID19 again, let’s give him a chance to be the great leader he says he is.

If he’s late, we’re sure he’ll have a good reason. But maybe he won’t be late at all. If they schedule the speech for later in the week, he’ll have more time to get there on time:

We’re not sure if that was a mistake on Kaitlan Collins’ part or if Biden’s handlers elected to move the speech to a later date. Honestly at this point, it doesn’t really matter, because the optics for Joe Biden are terrible no matter what.

It’d be news if Joe Biden actually gave a timely speech.

We’ll take that bet.

Lots of damage to control. None of it will be controlled, of course.

And something tells us that we shouldn’t hold our breath for Biden to answer any questions. Just call it a hunch.