In case you missed it, the story advanced by Rolling Stone and Rachel Maddow — among many other liberal media — that gunshot victims in Oklahoma were having to wait for treatment because hospitals were being overrun by people who had OD’d on horse-dewormer was a hot load of garbage. It straight-up wasn’t true.

So you might think that it’d be the perfect fodder for a straightforward fact-check from a fact-checking authority, like, say, CNN’s Daniel Dale. There can be no equivocation in this particular case: media ran with a bogus narrative. Dale should have no problem with this one.

And yet:

“Conservatives pounce!”

“Conservatives seize!”

Or it was all for now … Dale had more to say about it today:

The doctor’s comments were just taken out of context, especially by conservatives! Perspective, people!

We’re just as shocked as you are, Dr. Shanker.

Dale’s fact-checking logic is really something else:

We’ve come to expect this sort of hackery from Daniel Dale and CNN, but geez.

Daniel’s got to make this about conservatives.

A perfect fit for CNN.