By now, you’ve probably heard about Rolling Stone’s recent exposé on gunshot victims taking a distant backseat to horse dewormer ODs at Oklahoma hospitals.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was also very disturbed by stories of Oklahoma hospitals being overrun with horse-dewormer-happy patients.

These stories turned out to be textbook Fake News, of course. Who could’ve seen that coming, other than absolutely everyone?

Anyway, we already told you about Drew Holden’s fantastic thread calling out media and lefties for swallowing the BS ivermectin narrative without question. But when it comes to fantastic threads, Twitchy staple Iowahawk is no slouch, either.

We rather enjoyed his take on the horse dewormer horse-puckey, and we think you will, too:

Get ’em, Dave. Get ’em.

Nope. Some things are just too good to check.

(That one’s for you, Rachel Maddow.)

We will never get enough of elitist know-it-alls knowing absolutely nothing about flyover country.

So many suckers, so little time.