Like too many #NeverTrump conservatives, David French started out with reasonable objections to Donald Trump’s politics and personality and let himself become consumed by them, so much so that he seems to have forgotten what he’s ostensibly fighting for in the first place.

Over the weekend, French took some time to address COVID19 vaccine hesitancy in the Evangelical Christian community, of which he is a member. Indeed, vaccines are the best weapon we have against the spread of COVID19. Unfortunately, French doesn’t seem to realize — or care, perhaps — that he’s going about it all wrong:

What’s “thoughtful” about trying to persuade people by shaming and smearing them?

As a member of the Evangelical Christian community, one might think that French would better understand effective communication to his fellow Evangelical Christians who may not be as enthusiastic about getting the COVID19 vaccine.

And one would be wrong.

When has insulting and maligning an entire group of people ever won them over?

“Chirp chirp chirp.”

David French would serve himself well to shed some self-righteousness and gain some perspective.

Until then:



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