The impeachment and 25th Amendment talk came to a head yesterday after the deadly terrorist attack at the Kabul airport.

Madison Cawthorn is a doofus, but it’s not just him who’s concerned about Joe Biden’s deadly actions in Afghanistan and ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the presidency. “#25th Amendment” was trending on Twitter throughout the day yesterday, as were hashtags about impeachment. Ben Shapiro, for one, laid out a compelling case for impeaching Biden.

But for what it’s worth, Vox’s Aaron Rupar has a big, big problem with that. According to him, Republicans are trivializing very serious issues:

Move over, Mona Lisa. Because that tweet belongs in the Louvre. Tourists from all over the world should see it.

Come on. This one’s hilarious!

Imagine being so insane that you’d actually tweet what Aaron Rupar tweeted and mean it. We’re dying over here.

Ah yes:

It’s still perfect.

It’s the one thing Aaron’s actually good at. So don’t take it away from him.

Uh-oh, Aaron:


We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves.