Yesterday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken laid the groundwork for a blame-the-victim approach to dealing with the Americans and Afghan allies being abandoned in Afghanistan and left to be likely tortured or murdered by the Taliban.

“Who wanted to leave.” It was subtle, but we all know what Blinken meant.

U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ross Wilson didn’t even bother with the subtlety:

Amazing that Ross Wilson is still alive, considering his heart is made of ice-cold stone.

“If you get raped and tortured and murdered by the Taliban, that’s your business.”

After promising for months and months — years, in fact — that Americans and Afghan allies in Afghanistan had nothing to fear, that the Joe Biden would have everything under control and keep the Taliban from ever regaining control, the Biden administration’s official message to the stranded appears to be “You built this. You made this happen.” Put another way, the Biden administration is shaming people for ever trusting them.

So did we.

They’re really going there.

Next up:

Count on it. At least with Joe Biden at the helm.