We’ve been giving CNN a lot of credit recently for being uncharacteristically tougher on Joe Biden and the administration, thanks to the disastrous policy in Afghanistan.

Maybe we were getting a little ahead of ourselves, because here’s how they’re framing today’s deadly terrorist attacks in Kabul:

CNN’s Melanie Zanona, Jeremy Herb, and Alex Rogers write:

Republicans in Congress quickly escalated their criticism of President Joe Biden’s withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan after two explosions outside Kabul’s airport on Thursday caused the first American casualties since the mass evacuation began.

While some prayed for the safety of American troops and diplomats in the immediate aftermath of the attack, other Republicans did not wait for more information about what happened before putting the blame squarely on Biden.

So Joe Biden is the victim? When the blame deserves to be placed squarely on him?


Biden has noted that the US withdrawal was set in motion by former President Donald Trump’s deal with the Taliban, and vowed to not pass on a war entering its 20th year to a fifth US president.

But Republicans quickly expressed their outrage at the White House Thursday after the attack on Americans. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring Congress back into session “so that we can be briefed thoroughly and comprehensively by the Biden Administration” and pass a bill to prohibit the withdrawal of any more troops “until every American is out of Afghanistan.”

Republicans should be outraged. Everyone should be outraged. Nancy Pelosi should get Congress back in session immediately instead of tweeting about Women’s Equality Day.

CNN, meanwhile, should be ashamed.

It’s definitely not journalism, that’s for damn sure.

CNN literally cannot help themselves.

At least 10 dead Marines.