If Jennifer Rubin didn’t already exist, we’d have to invent her.

And then we’d have to ask ourselves why on earth we invented something so stupid and awful.

You may have missed this gem from yesterday:

Jennifer Rubin is genuinely impressed by the Taliban’s politeness and courtesy, you guys.

That Jennifer Rubin hot take would be hard to top, but Jennifer Rubin is always up to the challenge.

And we’ve gotta give her

The Biden administration told Americans left stranded in Afghanistan that if they’re still stranded come August 31, they’re “on their own.” After outfitting the Taliban with billions of dollars’ worth of American military equipment of which the Taliban are now availing themselves in order to help them strand as many people — Americans, Afghans, citizens from other countries — as possible.

But “MAGA folks” are the problem. The Taliban are just asking the Biden administration not to help anyone escape and the Biden administration is more than willing to oblige. And if that means people are abandoned and ultimately murdered, well, that’s just the way it is. It’s not possible to evacuate everyone, so we shouldn’t be disappointed if they don’t evacuate anyone.

The Biden administration’s performance didn’t simply fall short of perfection; it was designed to fail.

It’s simultaneously fascinating and revolting to watch Jennifer Rubin tie herself into such intellectual knots to pre-emptively excuse all the blood on the Biden administration’s hands.

How does that omelet taste, Jennifer?