We hate to kick a guy when he’s down, but actually we don’t. Not if that guy happens to be disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It seems that the Luv Guv will no longer be able to put “International Emmy Award winner” on his business cards:

Tough break, Andy.

It’s hard not to laugh.

We sincerely hope that the International Academy isn’t looking for pats on the back, because they don’t deserve any.

Exactly. Yes, the sexual harassment stuff was terrible. But before that shoe started dropping, bodies were literally dropping on Andrew Cuomo’s watch. And the International Academy was willing to overlook all of the blood on Cuomo’s hands to get in on the hot Cuomosexual action.

Andrew Cuomo was a known scumbag for years. Then he became a murdering scumbag. And then he won an Emmy. The Academy deciding to wait until he resigned from office to strip him of that Emmy is nothing more than craven PR damage control. The International Emmy Award has as much credibility as Andrew Cuomo does now, which is to say … none whatsoever.