Considering the fact that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo couldn’t give two craps about elderly New Yorkers, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that he reportedly doesn’t care about his own dog, either.

According to the Times Union article, Cuomo’s spokesman is insisting that the disgraced soon-to-be-former Gov. Cuomo is just looking for someone to take care of his dog while he’s on vacation:

Two State Police sources told the Times Union on Saturday that the governor had recently asked mansion staff members if anyone would be interested in caring for the dog. Captain — a high-strung mix of shepherd, Siberian and malamute — has nipped a few people since Cuomo adopted him in 2018, the sources said, and a mansion staffer recently took the dog home for a few days but decided he was too much.

Richard Azzopardi, a senior adviser and spokesman for the governor, lashed out at the allegation that the governor has been looking for someone to care for the canine. He said the arrangement was only “temporary” because the governor, who is scheduled to resign from office at 11:59 p.m. Monday, is planning to take a vacation.

“Captain is part of the governor’s family and for your nameless ill-informed source to imply they’ve been trying to give him away is untrue,” Azzopardi said in a statement Saturday. “Someone offered to watch him for a few days while the transition was ongoing but for that to be weaponized and morph from a game of telephone into the pages of your paper is absurd — now excuse us we’re preparing for a major storm.”

Hey, man. Anything’s possible. It could very well be that Andrew Cuomo just wants a dogsitter. It could also very well be that he regards his dog the same way he regards others whose lives he has power over.

Like Tom Nichols, for example?

Nichols’ tweet ages better and better every day.

We genuinely hope that Andrew Cuomo’s just looking for someone to watch his dog while he heads off for some R&R. But given his track record, giving him the benefit of the doubt is a pretty tall order.