Justice Democrats, who are proud as hell of their role in “building the squad,” want the Democratic Party’s approach to everything to be motivated by the pursuit of social justice. That includes their approach to infrastructure.

To that end, they’ve put together a new ad targeting Democrats they see as too moderate to make the Justice Democrats’ infrastructure dreams a reality. Unfortunately, they made a decidedly socially unjust mistake:

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez is not, in fact, Rep. Vicente Gonzales. But apparently according to the Justice Dems, once you’ve seen one Gonzalez, you’ve seen them all.

Because they all look alike. Right, Justice Dems?

For shame, Justice Dems.

Seriously, though, this is pretty terrible. Imagine if a Republican group did something like that. Joy Reid and Brian Stelter would be melting down. The Squad would be fundraising off of it.

Very racist.


Maybe you should let them know what the Justice Democrats are doing. We’re sure they’ll be very interested.