For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So while CNN has recently gotten a lot tougher on the Biden administration, MSNBC is making up for it by bending over even more. Case in point, Joy Reid. We’re used to horrendously awful takes from Reid, but this crap is downright offensive:

Not only is Joy Reid straight-up lying about transparency from the Biden administration, but she’s blatantly attempting to compare the Afghanistan crisis to the January 6 riots. The riots were awful. Let’s get that clear. But to even suggest that the rioters are even remotely comparable to the Taliban is shameful and disgusting.

It’s also, unfortunately, on-brand for Joy Reid, not to mention her guests:

These people aren’t outraged by the Biden administration’s deadly incompetence, but by coverage of the fallout from that deadly incompetence:

Joe Biden did know the Taliban are terrible. Yet he has actively enabled them at every turn. And we’re supposed to be impressed with his leadership?

Joy Reid et al. are, quite simply, garbage people.