Video has been circulating showing desperate Afghanis clinging to the outside of a C-17 plane leaving out of Kabul airport. Reportedly, the people who still clung to the plane when it took off ultimately plunged to their deaths.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby is being cagey about reports of those deaths:

Here’s what the question about human remains is referring to:

Kirby definitely doesn’t want to talk about the reports that the remains of an Afghani were found on the C-17’s landing gear. Is it because he knows he’s not going to have an easy time explaining this away?

“Policy mistakes” can have deadly consequences. Consequences that the Biden administration now owns.

How on earth is Kirby or anyone in Joe Biden’s administration going to whitewash this?

If that is in fact what we’re seeing in that photo … Lord have mercy.

We’re not going to look for it, though we understand why people might want to see it.

In any event, there’s no doubt that the footage is absolutely heartbreaking.

This should never have happened. It didn’t have to be this way.