After the past few days, surely not even the late-night hosts would be able to go easy on Joe Biden, right?

Wrong. Here’s Seth Meyers:

Still don’t believe this is all Trump’s fault? Well, maybe Stephen Colbert can change your mind:

Willful obtuseness is seen as a character flaw in most people. But not in late-night hosts! Definitely not in Stephen Colbert, who had lots more to contribute to the discourse:

He’ll be here all week, folks! Unfortunately.

Of course it is. And it’s exactly the sort of comparison we’d expect from the likes of Stephen Colbert.

Colbert can’t say it, though. Because that would require perspective, and Stephen Colbert doesn’t have any.

And Colbert drank all the TDS poison he could get his hands on.

They literally have no reason to get up in the morning if they can’t obsess over Donald Trump — and bend over for Democrats.