Joe Biden was feckless and inept for decades as a U.S. Senator, so we can’t say we’re shocked to see him feckless and inept as U.S. President. Once he took the oath of office, he wasted no time screwing up everything, both at home and abroad, without accepting any responsibility.

We’d have been foolish to expect anything different. This was Joe Biden’s destiny, and he’s just fulfilling it.

Case in point, this little stroll down Memory Lane with Stephen L. Miller, who recalls Joe Biden’s approach to Afghanistan just a little over a month ago:

How do you like that?

Joe Biden straight-up said he didn’t want to think about the realities of the coming Afghanistan crisis. Those realities just weren’t “happy things, man.”

And now, the Afghan people are paying for the world’s most expensive pair of rose-colored glasses.

Can’t you just let the guy enjoy his chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream in peace?