While we have yet to hear from the president directly on Afghanistan, that doesn’t mean that we don’t still know what Joe Biden and the White House are up to.

NBC News digital reporter Jonathan Allen has helpfully summarized the White House’s talking point strategy when it comes to addressing the Afghanistan crisis:


Number three on Allen’s list is particularly grating. But it’s also utterly, shamefully predictable.

On August 14, Joe Biden — or, more likely, one of his handlers — issued a statement defending his decisions on the Afghan withdrawal. Notice the wording in the final paragraph:

Donald Trump was not perfect. But nor is he responsible for Joe Biden’s piss-poor judgment and its deadly consequences. It’s truly disgusting, albeit unsurprising, to see Joe Biden try to pawn this monumental failure off on Donald Trump.

“Shamelessly deceitful” is right.

The Biden administration owns this. The blood is on their hands.

The ostensible adults are nothing more than petulant children.