For what it’s worth, it looks like Joe Biden can at least count on MSNBC to keep having his back despite the unmitigated Afghanistan disaster and Joe Biden’s unmitigated disaster of a speech.

Nicolle Wallace, for one, was very impressed by Biden’s performance. As was Brian Williams, naturally.

Decidedly less impressed was Matt Zeller. Zeller is a U.S. Army Reserve captain and D.C. consultant as well as a former CIA officer. In addition to having run for Congress in New York — as a Democrat — he also served as an embedded combat adviser with the Afghan security forces in 2008. So Zeller is quite familiar with the situation in Afghanistan and the crucial role the security forces played. The same security forces that Joe Biden and his administration are now trying to blame for the crisis.

So you can imagine that Zeller’s not buying into MSNBC’s enthusiasm for Joe Biden. Or, you can just hear it for yourselves:


Yes. Yes he did.


Well deserved mockery of Brian Williams aside, Zeller is absolutely right to call out Joe Biden and call out MSNBC for defending him.

He certainly did.