MSNBC contributor and purported intelligence and counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance recently appeared on Joy Reid’s show (along with noted intelligence liability Eric Swalwell), where he made a pretty bold prediction:

That tinfoil hat looks good on him.

“Heed these words. It’s happening.” Honestly, Joy Reid’s show is the perfect forum for this sort of silliness.

When Donald Trump was inaugurated, Resisters melted down. Set things on fire. Vowed and plotted revenge. And to this day, Resisters remain entirely unserious people.

Sounds like it’s not just “the second coming of the Sons of Liberty” who are preparing for civil war, Malcolm.

It’s definitely not the second coming of the Sons of Liberty who’s saying stuff like this:

Good Lord.


Are there nutballs out there who see it as their patriotic duty to restore Donald Trump to the White House? Yes. But they don’t make up a majority of Republicans, conservatives, or even Trump supporters. And to this day, there are still people who hide behind the #NeverTrump banner to push thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories about Donald Trump and his presidency.

In short, there are insane people across the political spectrum. And Malcolm Nance is clearly one of them.