A man named Steve Manchin recently asked Mike Rowe if he had any plans to encourage unvaccinated people to get their COVID19 vaccines. After all, Rowe himself has been vaccinated, and he’s certainly got a large platform. It’s only natural that Rowe would use that platform to push for more vaccinations. We have to get back to normal, right?

Well, for what it’s worth, Rowe — who is definitely pro-vaccine — isn’t pro-trying-to-persuade-people-who-may-not-be-inclined-to-trust-the-“experts.”

You really do:

Rowe makes it clear that he believes in the vaccine, but that, given the constant goalpost shifting over the past year and a half, he understands why others may be skeptical, even if he doesn’t personally share their skepticism about the vaccine. He also understands that people — at least the adults — who haven’t yet been vaccinated have made a choice, knowing that the vaccine is available to them, and that beating them over the heads about the vaccine is not what will ultimately persuade them to get vaccinated.

These are simple points, but many of those who fancy themselves morally and intellectually superior haven’t figured them out.

Rowe never purported to be an expert when it comes to either COVID19 or science. In his post, he reminds readers that he’s not any kind of authority on that stuff. He’s just one guy who understands that the government (and the media) has made a lot of mistakes during the vaccine rollout and that they have their work cut out for them when it comes to gaining people’s trust.

Mike Rowe doesn’t expect anyone to take their cues from him. But some of the “experts” out there would be wise to consider his perspective.