Despite mounting calls — including from Joe Biden — for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign over his sexual harassment scandal, we’re not holding our breath for Cuomo to actually do it. Because why would he? After all, he’s managed to get this far despite everyone knowing full well that he’s a terrible person.

And that’s due in no small part to the media that’s enabled and fluffed him for so long. In their eyes, he could do no wrong, even if he was sexually harassing multiple women and condemning elderly New Yorkers to their deaths.

But while the media may have refused to hold Andrew Cuomo to account, Drew Holden has no qualms about holding the media to account for their own starring role in the Cuomo scandal saga.

Strap in for this one:

If only any of these outlets had cared that Andrew Cuomo is a flaming hypocrite and garbage person. Think of how much better off so many people would be today. Think of how many people wouldn’t be victims of Andrew Cuomo.


That would certainly be nice. But the media had no interest in blaming Andrew Cuomo for his sins. Can we really expect Cuomo to hold himself accountable?