Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt recently called out Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib for being antisemitic:

Nice of him to finally wake up to the truth that we’ve all known for a quite a while: that Rashida Tlaib is a flaming antisemite. It took him a lot longer than it should have.

But now that he’s here, maybe he can stick around long enough to call out Tlaib’s fellow Squad member Cori Bush for this:

If only America would stop enabling those apartheid-loving Jews in Israel, homelessness in St. Louis would be solved!

aNti-ZiOnIsM iSn’T aNtI-sEmItIsM!!111! Nice try, dipstick.

Cori Bush knows what exactly what she’s saying. Just like Rashida Tlaib knows exactly what she’s saying. Just like Ilhan Omar and AOC know exactly what they’re saying.

And it’s par for the course with the Squad.

We’ll wait, Jonathan Greenblatt.

And if the media won’t do anything about it, the Democrats sure as hell won’t.