Jen Psaki’s really got her work cut out for her today, what with her boss very deliberately ignoring the unconstitutionality of the eviction moratorium.

Too bad Jen Psaki is incapable of not sucking at her job.

And that’s supposed to make us feel better about this?

And Lord knows the CDC’s given us plenty of reasons to trust their legal expertise!

It’s fine!

Joe Biden admitted that most lawyers aware of the Supreme Court’s decision would not regard the moratorium extension as constitutional. Which means he was effectively admitting that he had to seek out a handful of lawyers who’d give him the green light.

That’s exactly what they’re trying to do, yes.

Except Biden did support moving forward with an action he didn’t feel was legal. He literally told us so.

We’re being gaslit by the Biden administration.

And there’s the rub. There’s no media uproar over this because this is what they wanted. They’re getting what they wanted.

And all we’re getting is screwed.