Last week, the Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona complained about how Fox News was covering the COVID19 pandemic:

Because pointing out that more people were murdered in the period between July 14 and July 28 Washington, D.C., than died from COVID19 was problematic for some reason.

We mocked and derided Baragona’s beef with Fox’s coverage then, just like we’re about to do with Vox troll Aaron Rupar’s now:

Good one, Aaron!

The problem is that Fox News is, once again, using accurate data to report that homicides are killing more people than COVID19 in some places. And, given Aaron Rupar’s own penchant for manipulating the truth, it’s no wonder he’s pissy about this.

In a way, as Vox has been doing their part to murder journalism.

Aaron Rupar can’t handle the truth.

Yes. Yes he did.