Yesterday, Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey said “it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for new COVID19 cases:

Jen Psaki was asked about Ivey’s remarks at today’s White House press briefing:

On its face, there’s nothing wrong with asking Psaki for the White House’s comment on Ivey’s remarks. But the reporter messed up when she asked if the Biden administration should “be taking a sharper tone against unvaccinated people for putting vaccinated people at risk.” Because in that moment, she’s lending credence to a decidedly anti-science perspective.

Breakthrough COVID19 cases will happen. We saw that with the Texas Democrats’ stunt and the ensuing fallout. But the data demonstrate that people who are fully vaccinated are in a much better position to recover from COVID19 infections they contract after receiving the vaccine. Saying that unvaccinated people put vaccinated people at risk deliberately undermines vaccine confidence and promotes hesitancy, plain and simple.

That’s how this works. There is literally a zero percent chance that everyone in America will elect to get the COVID19 vaccine. The best we can do is hope that as many people as possible get vaccinated and continue to live our lives the way we did after the discoveries of other vaccines for other diseases.

Americans shouldn’t be looking to media for medical expertise or advice.