Biden supporters really have themselves backed into a corner now. Because either they have to admit that Joe Biden’s mind is gone, or they have to argue that he’s still sharp as a tack and would deliberately do something like this:

This is fine. Joe Biden is fine.


It’s not, though. Because “the fringes of the Democratic Party” includes people like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC, who are consistently defended and rewarded by the Democratic Party and media despite their radical — not to mention bigoted — views.

Remember when the media and liberals melted down every time Donald Trump got irritated by a question or even looked at a reporter sideways? It was a national scandal.

And here’s Joe Biden responding to a legitimate and relevant question that so many other Democrats have tried to avoid answering with a tiresome deflection of his own.

There actually are a lot of people defending Biden for this:

Plenty more where those came from.

But here’s the thing: if Joe Biden is supposed to be so refreshing and morally superior to Donald Trump, if he’s not supposed to be afraid of the truth, then why are people impressed when he very clearly is doing his damnedest to dodge a question whose answer is so obvious? If Biden fans’ defense is “turnabout is fair play,” aren’t they just admitting that disproportionately angry or insane responses to straightforward questions are OK when their guy does it?

Anyway, the silver lining here is that Joe Biden, in his attempt to make the GOP look bad, has also succeeded in making the Democratic Party look bad.

Comparing the likes of the Squad to Q-Anon supporters means that Joe Biden is effectively admitting that the Democratic Party has their own crackpot problem — and their crackpots are a lot louder and more powerful than the GOP’s.