House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly considering adding GOP congressman and outspoken Donald Trump critic Adam Kinzinger to the select committee on the January 6 riots:

Honestly, we could see it. Kinzinger seems like the perfect pick for Pelosi, because he’s a Republican whose personal aversion to Donald Trump has caused him to be more open to renouncing some of his professed conservatism. Pelosi might think that Kinzinger lends her side more credibility. And there are people out there who’d agree with her.

See, that’s the thing: choosing Kinzinger would suggest that Pelosi’s critics are right to be concerned about Democrats using the committee as an opportunity to go after Donald Trump as opposed to getting to the bottom of the riots in earnest.

Anyway, we fully expect out-and-proud partisans like Trump-supporter-turned-liberal-Dem David Weissman to champion the addition of Adam Kinzinger to the committee. But one would think that an ostensibly objective journalist like John Harwood would at least try to sound a little more objective when he covers it.

Alas, John Harwood gonna John Harwood:

God forbid Harwood simply report that Pelosi may appoint Adam Kinzinger to the committee. He could’ve stopped there and been fine. But he just had to go and editorialize by emphasizing that Kinzinger and Liz Cheney “embrace reality/tell the truth.”

Of course Harwood’s CNN colleague Jim Acosta would retweet it:

Real News™ (Mr. President) men of a feather, you know.

If John Harwood honestly believes that Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney’s sole intentions are to “illuminate” the truth when they have both been very vocal about their belief that Donald Trump is to blame for the riots, then he’s delusional. Kinzinger and Cheney have just as much of an agenda as everyone else does.

And if Harwood knows that and is pretending otherwise, then he’s obscuring the truth for his followers.


No wonder Harwood’s so excited.