Rex Chapman enjoyed a pretty long NBA career, but his real passion is as a social media influencer. Because it’s allowed him to reach a whole lot more people, and that’s really helpful when you’re trying to spread false narratives.

Narratives like this one, for example. GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell recently sent out a tweet urging everyone to get their COVID19 vaccines:

And here was Chapman’s take on McConnell’s message:

Misinformation scourge, heal thyself.

Guess what, Rex:

He was doing it all over the place. But congratulations on all the likes and retweets, Rex.

When even shamelessly partisan CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale is calling you out on your BS, it’s time to re-evaluate your life.



Rex Chapman strikes again, this time spreading a new conspiracy theory that says voting machines switched votes to Mitch McConnell