Author and sports columnist Mike Wise has a whole swarm of bees in his bonnet. And @redsteeze ‘Mericans put them there.

You’ll want to buckle up for this ride.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you:

Don’t worry … Mike’s got lots more where that came from.

Perhaps Mike would like to show us on the doll where @redsteeze hurt him.

We can think of some sadder things, actually. Like Mike Wise, for example.


Sorry … what?


Asked, and answered:

There’s always a @dril tweet.

Sounds about right.

Everything is not OK.

Clearly Mike Wise is very fragile right now. We only hope he’s strong enough to take this disappointing news in stride:

We’re not therapy professionals, but we feel like Mike could benefit a great deal from following some simple advice:

A long while.