A lot has changed in the last decade. S.E. Cupp is one of those things.

And she’s become a case study in just how much havoc one man, Donald Trump, has managed to wreak on ostensibly sensible people’s brains.

Tweeter @danieltobin recently took a short stroll down Memory Lane, where he ran across this:

We wouldn’t blame you if you’d forgotten that there was a time when S.E. Cupp was willing to call out the liberal media. It’s been years since her eyes were wide open.

There certainly does seem to be a pattern.

People’s views can develop and change over the years, but what makes Cupp’s “evolution” so egregious is that it doesn’t appear to be motivated by a genuine desire to do better. Like so many others whose views “evolved” as a direct result of Donald Trump, Cupp has embraced liberalism in the name of conserving conservatism. That’s not bravery; it’s cravenness.

You genuinely hate to see it.