Tom Nichols doesn’t need fireworks on the Fourth of July. Not when he can just as easily get burned by his own hot takes.

Check out what he wrote yesterday:

Wait … is he actually admitting that the Left has really screwed things up? Has he had an awakening?


“But with all that said.” Even though the Left is garbage, Democrats are still the better stewards of the Constitution now.

Dems suck, but at least they suck in a good way! Leftist authoritarianism is dangerous but it’s not like we have to worry about it, even though the Democratic Party is full of aspiring leftist authoritarians! Joe Biden won’t let the Squad gain too much influence!

Washington Examiner managing editor Jay Caruso has gone at it with Tom Nichols before, and doing it again is probably not how he wanted to spend his time today. But with Nichols saying something so incredibly stupid and willfully ignorant, Caruso apparently feels a responsibility to call him out.

And when that happens, it sucks even more than usual to be Tom Nichols:

Poor guy.

This guy, man.

Tom’s blaming Senate Republicans for the fact that he’s a garbage liberal hack who got away with masquerading as a committed conservative for so long. How is ending the filibuster not a threat or a menace to the Constitution?


But he can try!

Who’s deflecting, Tom? Caruso has absolutely been critical of Republicans (and definitely critical of Trump), but his criticisms are rooted in reality as opposed to a pathological need to reject conservatism for the sake of owning Trump and Trump supporters.

Tom apparently did.

Intellectual consistency is a very difficult concept for many people, even self-proclaimed Experts™ like Tom.

Looks like that’s gonna be a hard pass from Tom:

Tom declines the invitation to defend what he’s saying because he can’t defend what he’s saying.

The Left can have Tom Nichols. He’s all theirs. He’s their problem now.