We have no problem with wanting to pay tribute to the many women who have helped to shape our history, but not every woman deserves to be celebrated.

The @OnThisDayShe account, which, according to their Twitter bio, is all about “putting women back into history, one day at a time” apparently missed that memo. Like, by about a million miles:

Congratulations to Violette Morris for being a pioneer in the field of world-class lesbian athletes. Now perhaps @OnThisDayShe would like to discuss the reason she was killed by the French Resistance.

Ya think?


“She could report on what the French were doing,” Sebba says. “She understood the tank formations. She knew what the Germans needed to know.”

So Morris returned to France after the Games and continued to correspond with the Nazis. She drove around the country, likely gathering information on the locations of French troops and the Maginot Line — the fortifications on France’s northeastern border.

After the Nazi invasion, Morris remained close to the Germans — though there’s some debate over her exact role. One French biography paints a grisly picture.

“There is very definitely an accusation that she became a Nazi torturer,” Sebba says. “She had the nickname, ‘The Hyena of the Gestapo,’ because apparently she derived so much sadistic pleasure from torturing people and extracting information.”

Welp, morals don’t get much looser than being a Nazi collaborator.

We thought that went without saying.



Well, maybe not everyone.