Sari Beth Rosenberg is a self-described “Educator & Host who writes about history, politics, education, civil rights, pop culture, & feminism.” According to her bio, she’s been teaching U.S. History at New York City’s High School for Environmental Studies for 19 years.

She’s free to write about whatever the hell she wants. But as far as being an educator goes, she definitely doesn’t belong anywhere near your kids:

The fact that she skipped right from 1 to 3 is the least concerning aspect of her rant.

Apparently Sari doesn’t think teachers owe it to young people to teach them actual history as opposed to history through the warped lens of Critical Race Theory.

It’s just a right-wing conspiracy theory that K-12 teachers are instructing students in Critical Race Theory! Also, all K-12 educators who teach Critical Race Theory must be allowed to keep teaching Critical Race Theory!

Randi Weingarten shared that piece as well, which should’ve been Sari Beth Rosenberg’s first clue that it’s a steaming pile of hot garbage. The entire piece is predicated on the lie that a ban on teaching Critical Race Theory is a ban on teaching history.

But she’s wrong, and thus all she can do is lie.

So it’s up to people like @AGHamilton29 to keep calling people like Sari Beth Rosenberg out on their lies:

The most charitable explanation for Sari Beth Rosenberg’s false narrative is that she’s irreparably misinformed. But the more likely explanation, unfortunately, is that she is more committed to her false narrative than she is to the truth, and she is counting on her followers’ ignorance to help her spread that false narrative.

It’s panic-driven propaganda that keeps leftists like Rosenberg in business.