Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake can’t help but notice something about the way the House GOP seems to operate:

Wow, great observation, Aaron!

FYI, here’s what Aaron is referring to with regard to the January 6 commission:

“Appearing at a conference with white nationalists,” of course, refers to GOP Rep. Paul Gosar getting comfy-cozy with white supremacist Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

Surely Aaron has a follow-up tweet about House Democrats, right?


Oh, good. We wouldn’t want Aaron to feel like he’s being criticized for his shoddy reporting.

Even though he should be.

Oh, you mean the gal who keeps saying antisemitic things and then insisting she didn’t say what she said and then doubling down on the antisemitism? Yeah, she doesn’t seem to have been stripped of any committee assignments. Nor has Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic colleague Rashida Tlaib, who has appeared on numerous occasions with antisemitic terrorist apologists.

Aaron Blake actually has good reason to be concerned about the House GOP’s priorities when it comes to dealing with bad apples. But his disgust means very little if he refuses to acknowledge that Democrats’ commitment to keeping their house clean is just as much a façade as the GOP’s, if not an even more shameless one.


Intellectual consistency goes a long way for people who want to be taken seriously. Aaron should try it. The media should try it: