At this point, it seems fair to ask what the ChiComs have on CNN. Because come on:

Xi’s so lucky! Xi’s a star!

Ben Westcott writes:

One hundred years ago this July, in a small brick house in Shanghai’s former French Concession, Mao Zedong and around a dozen other delegates gathered together in secret to form a new political party.

Much has changed since 1921, but the Chinese Communist Party, which today boasts more than 95 million members, equivalent to almost 7% of China’s entire population, has remained an ever present fixture — even as communist parties elsewhere collapse or fade from view.

Wow, communism sure is popular in a country where the communist government can have people jailed or murdered for not being a communist!


“How do you prove that you are the legitimate government of China? You do so by putting on an enormous show to remind people of what you’ve given them. You’ve lifted them out of poverty, given them economic growth and restored China to a central place in the world,” Graeme Smith of the Australian National University told CNN in the run up to Thursday’s anniversary.

Indeed, for weeks state media has been saturated with images extolling the virtues of the party and its numerous successes. Much of the capital, meanwhile, has come under heightened security, for what is expected to be a large-scale celebration of the party’s history, replete with fireworks and a speech from China’s top leader Xi Jinping.

Isn’t that nice?

Like the ChiComs’ list, Siraj Hashmi’s List is not a good list to be on.

But CNN definitely belongs on Hashmi’s list for this.

To be clear, Westcott’s piece does touch on some of the darker moments in Chinese communist history (you know, like the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution that left millions dead, and the Tiananmen Square Massacre), but that stuff only merited a few sentences in a single paragraph out of 13. Kind of a blink-and-you’d-miss-it sort of thing. The ChiComs won’t likely kick up much of a fuss.

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