Earlier today, we told you about GOP Rep. Paul Gosar’s upcoming fundraising event with white supremacist, antisemitic Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

Amid the criticism, Gosar feigned ignorance while also painting Fuentes as just a young conservative who loves America.

So, it seems that after having the night to sleep on it, Gosar has changed his tune somewhat, at least according to CNN’s Manu Raju:

Does Gosar need to have a talk with an intern? Or is he just lying?

As we pointed out in our earlier post, Gosar does have a history of palling around with Fuentes.

Something else working against Gosar is his reported remark about knowing nothing of a fundraiser on Friday. The announcement for the event didn’t mention a date for the fundraiser. It only said that the time and location would be announced on Thursday, July 1.

We didn’t say anything about Friday.

This whole thing is definitely weird, but any way you slice it, Paul Gosar looks bad. Really bad.

It’s difficult not to come to that conclusion.

Here’s what the RNC reportedly has to say about this:

How about the House GOP?

This might indeed be a good time for House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to weigh in.