Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appeared last night on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. Naturally, Vox’s Aaron Rupar was watching.

And he was appalled by what he witnessed, or, rather, what he didn’t witness:

Wow. Ron DeSantis is such a jerk! Imagine, going on a Fox News show while people in his state are suffering!

You know what should surprise you even less? That Aaron Rupar isn’t being straightforward and honest about DeSantis’ Hannity hit.

In case the chyron wasn’t enough of a clue that the conversation was about the building collapse, there’s, you know, the actual interview:

It’s almost as if Aaron Rupar is trying to deceive people.

Don’t like Ron DeSantis? Fine. Don’t like Sean Hannity? Fine. But if they’re really that bad, Aaron Rupar should have enough actual fodder for calling them honestly instead of having to resort to making crap up.

Aaron has worked very, very hard for that honor. He’s not gonna stop now.