New Zealand’s Olympic weightlifting prospects have taken a turn for the better:

More from Reuters:

Hubbard has been eligible to compete at Olympics since 2015, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) issued guidelines allowing any transgender athlete to compete as a woman provided their testosterone levels are below 10 nanomoles per litre for at least 12 months before their first competition.

Some scientists have said the guidelines do little to mitigate the biological advantages of those who have gone through puberty as males, including bone and muscle density.

Advocates for transgender inclusion argue the process of transition decreases that advantage considerably and that physical differences between athletes mean there is never a truly level playing field.

Narrator: Those “some scientists” are correct. Those “advocates for transgender inclusion” are not.


The New Zealand government offered its support.

“Laurel is a member of New Zealand’s Olympic team. We are proud of her as we are of all our athletes, and will be supporting her all the way,” Minister for Sport and Recreation Grant Robertson said in a statement.

We have no doubt that New Zealand’s government is excited about this. It’s not every day you’re all but guaranteed a gold medal.

Biologically female Olympic weightlifters will certainly have their work cut out for them.

“South Park” is a comedy, of course. But the best jokes work because there’s an element of truth to them.

Yes. Yes it is.

And to the woke, that’s winning.

Nothing at all.