Today on “The View,” Meghan McCain took some time to address “devout Catholic” Joe Biden’s refusal to condemn abortion:

Apparently there’s something controversial about pointing out that killing an unborn baby is killing a person, because Daily Beast troll Justin Baragona took notice:

And Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts saw what she believed was a golden opportunity to bust Meghan McCain as a hypocrite:

We’re not sure how being pro-life and being pro-self-defense, i.e. committed to preserving life, are incompatible. Now, pro-choice Catholicism is a different story.

And the Second Amendment is enshrined in our Constitution, dude.

Anyway, McCain is right to point out that stripping people of their right to self-defense would lead to violence. People bent on committing violence with guns generally don’t follow the laws, so lawful gun owners forced to surrender their guns would be more vulnerable to violence from criminals. The government would likely also have to use violence to forcibly take citizens’ guns away. It’s not a threat for McCain to suggest that depriving law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights could have some devastating consequences.

And it’s not hypocrisy to believe in the right to life and the right to bear arms.