The Woke Mob recently came for Lin-Manuel Miranda over their perceived lack of Afro-Latino representation in “In the Heights,” the film version of his musical of the same name.

Legendary performer Rita Moreno, who is 89 years old, subsequently came to Miranda’s defense on Stephen Colbert’s show Tuesday night:

Moreno’s politics may not be our cup of tea, but it’s really difficult to argue with the points she made.

Or, rather, it should be. Leave it to the woke to find a problem with Moreno pointing out that Miranda is celebrating all Latino culture, which is made up of Latinos of a wide variety of skin tones.

Leave it to the woke to make Rita Moreno feel like she has anything to apologize for:

The way we see it, old dog Rita Moreno had a chance to teach the woke pups some tricks. And she rolled over for them instead.

You genuinely hate to see it.