Let’s see how things have been going in the earthly paradise that is Portland, Oregon.

From June 15:

A grand jury has returned an indictment against [an] Oregon police officer accusing him of hitting a Portland protester in the head with a baton in 2020.

The indictment charges Corey Budworth with misdemeanor fourth-degree assault.

The police union called the prosecution politically-driven, and said Budworth’s baton strike to a woman’s head was “accidental,” not criminal.

Fast-forward a little bit to see what happened next:

Here’s the Portland PD’s full statement:

For the record, we weren’t present during the incident between Officer Budworth and the protester (or rioter?), so we don’t know exactly what went down.

We can, however, be pretty confident that the loss of the Rapid Response Team isn’t good news for the Portland PD, and it’s very likely much worse news for the people of Portland.

Good luck, Portlanders. You’re gonna need it.