Last week, CNN reported that Joe Biden’s presence at the G7 Summit caused “sighs of relief among world leaders.”

And that was just one example from CNN’s Big Book of Brown-nosing Biden. It’s beyond embarrassing at this point.

It’s so far beyond embarrassing, in fact, that even foreign media is taking notice.

SkyNews’ “Kenny on Media,” which, according to the bio, “[dissects] the highs and lows of news reporting, calling out fake news and putting media behaviour under the spotlight,” recently took a look at CNN’s coverage of Joe Biden at the G7 Summit and contrasted it with CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump at the G7 Summit, and, well, see for yourselves what they found:

Granted, Sky News is owned by NewsCorp Australia, so it’s not exactly a liberal media outlet.

But that doesn’t change the fact that ostensible “Real News” outlet CNN was conspicuously biased against Donald Trump and is conspicuously biased in favor of Joe Biden.


So in Australia, CNN is circling the bowl, too … just in the opposite direction.

(Hat tip: @ConservIndyDude)