As we told you, “social impact strategist” Jamira Burley hasn’t been able to muster much enthusiasm about the Senate unanimously passing a bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. Her reasoning? “Lynching is still legal” in the United States.

Lynching is not legal in the United States, of course, but it’s nonetheless illuminating to see how hellbent woke lefties are on using the Juneteenth bill to impugn Republicans’ and conservatives’ characters and motives.

There are actually quite a few wokester SJWs out there who are genuinely angry with conservatives for supporting making Juneteenth a national holiday, because how can conservatives — who are all white males, of course — possibly celebrate the freeing of slaves when they’re busy trying to prevent children from learning about slavery and history and racism?

And there are still plenty more where those came from.

We’re not sure who still needs to hear this — we’re guessing it’s a lot more people than the ones whose tweets we’ve just posted — but Critical Race Theory is not history. It’s not justice. It’s not empowering. It’s racism disguised as anti-racism. It’s not only possible to want to commemorate Juneteenth while opposing Critical Race Theory; it’s logical.

Conflating opposition to Critical Race Theory with support for racism is dishonest and disgusting. Shame on the people pushing such a false narrative.