According to their Twitter bio, “The Hill’s Opinion section hosts hundreds of policy experts from a range of political viewpoints and areas of expertise.”

That means a “policy expert” is responsible for this:

Brent Budowsky, to be specific. And he’s fully committed to the bit:

As Biden often and passionately says, there is a worldwide battle of democracy versus dictatorship, freedom versus authoritarianism, human rights versus oppression, civil rights versus bigotry, and the urgent need for those who have the most to help those who suffer the most from poverty and pain to achieve a better life.

Biden brought to the presidency the principles, values and aspirations that motivate decent people everywhere and are among core visions of the Nobel Peace Prize, and core values of the American idea at its noblest and best.

Someone should embroider that on a pillow or something. It’s an instant classic!

We know the Nobel Peace Prize is only good as a paperweight these days, but giving one to Joe Biden would just be a little too on-brand for them.