We told you about how Jon Stewart came out swinging pretty hard in favor of the COVID19 lab-leak theory on Stephen Colbert’s show last night.

If you thought Colbert was shocked and uncomfortable, just imagine how Jon Stewart’s fans are feeling right now.

Actually, you don’t have to:

When we told you the lib meltdown was imminent, we weren’t exaggerating. Stephen L. Miller’s been working on quite an impressive collection of tweets from libs who are, in fact, melting down.

Take a look:

“As a scientist, as a human.”

Now Jon Stewart is a racist, apparently.

We could legitimately sit here all day and post this stuff. Miller may very well do that, actually. Head on over to his timeline for lots, lots more where all that stuff came from.

The libs are genuinely beside themselves right now, and we’re here for all of it.